Friday, May 27, 2011

FDA approves computer chip for humans - Health - Health care -

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Stealth Chopper in the Osama Raid? | Danger Room |

 So could this be  rendering of another of the stealthy Helio's in US service now?  Danger room has a great article and speculation on the possibility of this crafts existence and operation within our military and secret operations.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Netflix Now The Largest Single Source of Internet Traffic In North America

Netflix Now The Largest Single Source of Internet Traffic In North America

With info like this, data caps now being enforced by some ISP's could be the beginning of what could become a very contentious battle field.  By enforcing the CAP of others services, it could be seen in the very near future that they are holding their users HOSTAGE to their programming and content.  This is certainly something to watch for.

Source: TechCrunch

Google rolls out silent fix for Android security vulnerability | Naked Security

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apple Store 10th anniversary leak: Secret hardware for weekend install - SlashGear

Apple Store 10th anniversary leak: Secret hardware for weekend install - SlashGear

Update 7:44am 05/19/2011
Webblog Tapscape release an article this morning about just what is up for the 10th anniversary.  In it, it details a make over and FACELIFT for the apple stores.  Calling it Apple store 2.0, with the use of larger video screens, and IPad providing Descriptions and Pricing.

BBC News - Android handsets 'leak' personal data

Android phone owners are being urged to update their handset to avoid problems

Apple iPhone, iPad sales slow as iPhone 5 hits Q3 - Computerworld Blogs

In Optogenetics, Buttons for Neural Switchboards -

Deisseroth Laboratory
STANFORD Optogenetics, tested in rodents, can control electrical activity in a few carefully selected neurons, and may hold new insights into our disorders.

USAF Surveillance Airship On Track for 2012

Thursday, May 12, 2011

PREVENTING SPAM scam on Facebook does exactly the opposite | Naked Security

A rash of SPAM on Facebook. this morning. The following article on Sopho's outlines what's happening and the steps that Facebook has taken to combat it. The latest SPAM scam, uses an exploit of the SHARE function on Facebook and shares an infected APP that exploits your friends walls.

This is the latest in a LONG growing list of Security issues at Facebook.

PREVENTING SPAM scam on Facebook does exactly the opposite | Naked Security

Source: Sophos

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

App prevents insurance headache after disaster strikes

Looks like a GREAT APP, for those of us located in Tornado Prone area's. Easy way to LOG your serial numbers and photo's of your valuables for Insurance adjustments.
App prevents insurance headache after disaster strikes

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft Buy Skype

Breaking news this morning in the tech sector.  Microsoft has agreed to purchase VOIP provider Skype for 8.5 billion, including some debit.  A formal announcement if forth coming in the next few hours.  The Wall Street journal reported in a online story Monday night that the deal was possibly going to occur.

Last week it looked like Skype and Facebook would possibly be partnering.

Under the deal, it places Skype CEO Tony Bates at the helm, in a new business unit within Microsoft.  He will be reporting directly to Microsoft Boss Steve Balmer.

Skype is a Luxembourg based Voice over Internet Provider that was started in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, both of Kazza fame.

More updates on this story will come later in the morning so check back frequently on this one.

Update: 05/10/2011
Full details on the Aquisition of Skype in a Press Release from Microsoft added.  Blamer indicated that Skype technology will be integrated in Xbox, Outlook as well as phones.

Source: CNN Money, SeattleTimes, Microsoft

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Intel increases speed while cutting energy consumption with New Transistor Tech

Intel announced on Wednesday that by build a key portion of a microprocessor's transistor above the chips surface, it has found a way to make it smaller, faster and lower power consumption.

Intel's new 3D 32nm transistor
The company stated that this new method of structuring their chips will require up to less than 50% of the power to run them and giving them a 37% speed boost as well.  With this entry coming into the market place this should give Intel the chips needed to break into the rapidly exploding smartphone and tablet market place.  Intel up till now has been relatively weak in that market because of the power consumption required by their processors.  The chips are expected to be in production in this year and should start appearing in computers in 2012.

The company has labels the technology FINFET (for fin field-effect transistor), and is based around small pillars or a fin of silicon that rises above the chip much like that of a high rise office.

Source: NYTimes, Reuters

Raid Wreckage Photo's point to a NEW SECRET Helo used in Bin Laden Raid

Photo's from Britain's "The Daily Mail" newspaper may have just revealed a very very big clue as to how the Seal Team was able to penetrate Pakistani airspace with out tipping off their air defense and warning systems.  At first it was thought maybe the RQ-170 (Beast of Kandahar) had helped JAM Pakistani air defense networks.

But the recent wreckage photo's seem to point to a new stealthy version of a helicopter.  The tail rotor section that the PAF is quickly cleaning up and covering with security blankets does not appear to be that of a MH-60.  If this is so, then the Pakistani's may have just scored a major tech coop and boost.  More details I'm sure will arise on this subject over time.  Photo's have now popped up in the Daily Mail, and the Wall Street Journal.  Blogger Steve Trimble spotted this and pointed it out first in his BLOG on May 3.

Sources: The Daily Mail, WSJ, Defensetech, FlightGlobal

Boeing announces first flight of "Phantom Ray"

Phantom Ray
The flight only lasted 17 minutes at Edwards Airforce Base in California, but the drone reached 7,500 feet.  Further tests expect the 36,500 pound and 36 foot long craft to reach altitudes near 40,000 feet and race along at nearly the speed of sound (mach 0.85).  With a range of nearly1550 miles, this prototype is not something to dismiss.  The "Phantom Ray" is a stealthy unmanned combat craft being developed by Boeing.  The Ray is based on the X-45C prototype that Boeing originally developed for DARPA/US Airforce/US Navy. The project is being fully funded with Boeing Funds as the X-45C was not selected as DARPA's/ UCAS program the X-47 built by Northrop Grumman won that contract.  Where exactly will this program go?  It's really anyone's guess at this point.

First Flight
The aircraft is expected to perform 10 test flights over six months.  Wireds Danger Room has several GREAT shots from the drones first flight.

Source: Wired, Wikipedia, Spectrum, DefenseTech

ReconRobotics Releases robot aimed at the fight agaomst pirates at sea

While almost weekly we hear about some new Pirate attack against shipping targets around the world.  Their taking of hostages and holding crew and cargo for ransom seems to have become a national industry in some parts of the world.  Until now we had not hear of many new tools being used of added to the arsonel of weapons to combat this.

ReconRobotics recent release of a beer-can sized robot based on it's Throwbot, has bee adapted to be fired from a cannon and stick magnetically to the side of a ship then climb up onto deck.  It can be guided remotely around to see what's going on with an infrared camera as well.  The video below show's the throwbot in use in a tactical senario used by a SWAT team.

Sources: TGDaily, ReconRobotics

Intel is ste to announce something BIG today!!

Stay tuned for INTEL news today.  Something very big coming out of the INTEL camp.  Speculation is that it will be the most significant tech announcement of the whole year.  Maximum PC even has a run down on Rumors and Verdicts on what it will be.

Updated 05/04/2011 12:36pmNew Chip Announced see article above.

Source: EETimes, Maximum PC
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